Welcome to urdelvin.org

The United Republic of Delvin (URD) is a sovereign nation (Micronation) located in the Central Pacific Ocean, next to the Kiribati Island, United Republic of Delvin (URD) later known as Howland Island early 1800s. 

The founder/Prime Minister of This Country is H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Webiston Jokonya 

The Minister of Education is Prof. Dr. Rejaul Abedin PhD DBA FCMAN FGEPEA

Attorney General: Prof Dr. Charles C.O. 


FOR CITIZENSHIP/AMBASSADOR APPLICATION please contact to Email:  urdgov@gmail.com

For Corporate Licence & Registration please contact to Email: denzelwebiston@gmail.com 


The official website of the United Republic of Delvin (URD) is https://www.urdelvin.org 

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